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Hello, I am Sonia, founder of Sonia b design, half French half Spanish and London has been my home for many years now.

A little bit about me… Before re-training and creating my interior design practice in London I pursued a career in risk management and strategy in financial services. You would think that I fell quite far from the tree, but these two worlds are not that far apart.


For me, design is all about understanding your client and finding the solutions to meet their needs, whether these are wellbeing, health, space, adding value, safety or making a space unique and different. More than anything it is in my blood. I grew up in the world of construction, property and design and am inspired by my grandfather, a builder and property developer who set-up a family business in bathroom and kitchen design.


Interior Design and architecture have always been a passion that I explored on the side of my career for many years by undertaking various home refurbishment projects in France and London.

Designers can really make a difference to how people live and work. Inclusivity and accessibility are key parts of this and of upmost importance to me. I decided to be an active part of it and re-trained as an interior designer.

I completed with distinction a diploma in Applied Interior Design at KLC School of Design, in Chelsea harbour.

Since I graduated, I have worked on and delivered residential and commercial projects.

Sonia b design is an Affiliate member of the British Institute of Interior Design.

In short, I am…

A self-starter and put my all into everything that I do, create or design.

Relentless about meeting clients’ needs and expectations.

Hands on

A finisher

Committed to delivering first class solution

A problem solver

…with attention to detail and an international outlook 

Visit our Projects page to see examples of our work.

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